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We are pleased to offer this group of horses for your consideration.
For more information, please contact us at llilones@aol.com.

LLO Bonnie Brigadoon
2004 AMHR Filly 34.5"
(Lucky Harts Brigadier Of Broadway x Loranes Lil Hotsie Totsie)

This young mare, sired by Lucky Hart Brigadier Of Broadway, has her entire future before her. She has the potential to be a national champion caliber show horse, then the time to go on and become a champion producing broodmare. With her leggy look, elegant neck, level top-line, big bold trot, and unique color markings she will be an excellent addition to our show string and/or broodmare band.

Britt Helm Simply Dream A Lil Dream
2002 AMHA 32.00"
(Britt Helm Grande Illlusion x Chelse Vanilla Fudge)

This mare, with her prestigious background, awesome conformation, and colorful history is certain to produce a tremendous foal for us in 2007, sired by our stallion, Lucky Harts Brigadier Of Broadway.
SOLD! Congratulations to Mike & Tami Melby of TripleK Miniatures in North Dakota.

Chelse Vanilla Fudge
1991 AMHA 32.0"
(Dell Teras Oscar x Chelse Fudge Ripple)

This mare has all the ingredients necessary to be a topnotch producer with her long neck, big dark eyes, wide forehead, correct legs, and of course the first thing you notice about her when you see her...her mile-long croup! She is foal for 2007 to our double-bred Buckeroo stallion, Boones Double Buckeroo Showboy.
SOLD! Congratulations to Mike & Tami Melby of TripleK Miniatures in North Dakota.

Fire In Her Eye LLO
2005 AMHR 31.5"
(Subras Foxfire x Lil Lady)

This pretty, little 31.5" 2005 model AMHR mare is destined to become a great broodmare. With her small stature and big attitude, she proudly presents herself and commands your attention with exotic head, big expressive eye, upright neck, level croup, and correct legs. She is the last foal out of the consistently winning cross between Subras Foxfire and Lil Lady. Though she has not been tested, it appears that she is very likely homozygous pinto. She is destined to be crossed with our stallion, Lucky Harts Brigadier Of Broadway in 2007. The resulting foal of this cross will be a full sibling to LLO Bonnie Brigadoon as Fire In Her Eye is a full sister to Bonnie's dam.
SOLD! Congratulations to Kathy Fayette!

Britt Helm Grande Bella Donna
1994 AMHA 31.75"
(Spunky MS x Martins Southern Belle)

This beautiful chestnut pinto mare is a direct daughter of the national champion, Spunky M S. She is full of pride and presence. She is a definite asset to our program. Her picture was taken just a month before she foaled. Because of her late foal in 2005, we chose to keep her open and breed her to our double-bred Buckeroo stallion, Boones Double Buckeroo Showboy for a sure to be awesome foal for 2007. Imagine, Buckeroo and Spunky MS - what a rare and hard to find cross.
SOLD! Congratulations to Mike & Tami Melby of TripleK Miniatures in North Dakota.

Brigadiers BayAnnette LLO
2006 AMHA/AMHR Bay Filly
(Lucky Harts Brigadier Of Broadway x ARC Dollies Butterfly)

This beautiful filly doesn't even look real. She looks more like an artist's rendition of a fantasy horse. She is a red bay with big, beautiful eyes, tight tippy ears, a smooth body, and great motion. She is a very feminine, expressive and charismatic filly. She will be a positive addition to anyone's show string and/or breeding program.

Brigadiers Midnight Rendezvous LLO
2006 AMHA Black Filly
(Lucky Harts Brigadier Of Broadway x Britt Helm Grande Fashion)

This exotically beautiful filly will make you turn your head and look at her. She is a solid velvety black color with huge, wide-set light blub eyes placed on an extreme head that sits upon a high hinged neck with a refined throat latch. She moves along with beautiful motion and a lofty carriage. A complete package like this, wrapped with natural presence, is sure to make her a show horse extraordinaire.

Brigadiers Majorette LLO
AMHA/AMHR. This black and white filly needs few words. Her presence, beauty, cadence, and conformation speak for themselves. Without a doubt, she has what her heritage foretold.

SOLD! Congratulations Terry Armstrong on your purchase of "Majorette."

32.0" AMHR Mare

This is a mare that once you see, you won't forget. Her head is very sculpted, with big dark eyes and little muzzle. From her thin little throatlatch to her long, flat croup, her beauty, grace, and balance is second to none. She has been bred to our stallion, Lucky Harts Brigadier Of Broadway, for a 2007 foal.


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