Ladies In Waiting

Their hair is so long, they all look like yaks,
Covered with mud clear over their backs.
The dollars they cost, Whod ever expect,
Thee ladies in waiting sure look like a wreck.

Im tired of short days and chores in the dark.
Im weary of water buckets froze like a rock.
Im sick of the snow, the mud and the ice,
A trip to Hawaii bout now sounds real nice.

I think raising horses up here in the North Zone,
Is only for those with no brain of their own.
If I was inside, Id have comfort and heat.
But, these ladies in waiting want something to eat.

Just look at those bellies, ho how they swell,
On last years memories a moment I dwell.
Such grand excitement with each newborn foal,
As ladies in waiting fulfill their role.

Maybe, just maybe, this ones a winner,
So go our hopes with each new beginner.
Winter and hard work will soon be forgot.

This horse farm may be a pain in the neck,
But we will still be here next year by heck.
So dont mind me if I smile and sing,
Im anxiously waiting with the ladies for Spring!

(Author Bonee Erickson)

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