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There are nearly as many stories about the origin of the Miniature Horse as there are Miniature Horses. You can decide for yourself which one(s) to believe in. The fact of matter is that the Miniature Horse is a breed based on height. The Miniature Horse exhibits styles, patterns, and colors identical to that of all other breeds of horses.

Whether this is your first Miniature Horse, or you are adding to your existing stock, it is an investment and we realize that. We therefore would like to take this opportunity to share with you guides we have followed when selecting our breeding stock here at Lorane’s Lil’ Ones. 
(Lorane's Lil Miss Elegance)
When looking at conformation our criteria includes: The forehand is proportionate to the hindquarter. A long neck with a refined throatlatch and good flex at the pole. A small head with a large expressive eye and a precision bite. Good angle to the shoulder. A level top-line that is longer than the bottom-line and a flat croup. Over-all bone and substance is proportionate and balanced, and correct legs.
(Brigadiers Baby Grand LLO)
We assess the animals' natural movement. The horse must possess good extension to gaits as well as natural knee action. With regard to stride we ask our self, "Is hock action appropriate to knee action?" "Does the shoulder move as freely as the knees and hocks?" ("More is better" when it comes to the degree of suspension and animation.) The walk its self must be free and loose, not short and tight.
(Subras Foxfire)
In the eyes of the horse we have to see a soft, curious look out of a large round eye.

The horse must have a natural intelligence, exhibit a willing attitude, be expressive, and become appropriately excitable but also display "common sense."

Over-all Beauty and Health
(Lucky Hart Brigadier Of Broadway)
Avoid animals that have histories of health problems and or lameness. Look at his or her ancestors/off-spring. Look at the over-all picture of the horse. It must have a healthy appearing coat, exhibit proper weight distribution, and appropriate hoof size and length.

Only if a horse meets this criteria do we recommend/consider purchase.

(Boones Double Buckeroo Showboy)
You may want to consider at this time the pedigree of the horse. AS with style, pedigree is also a personal choice. Some pedigrees do tend to exhibit strong similarities between animals of the same pedigree as well as the ability to reproduce those similarities. The Miniature Horse is still a relatively “young” breed. There are some fabulous “foundation” stallions but we continue to build on this foundation thus improving the gene pool. The only time you see the pedigree of a horse is when you open a book and look at it. You see the horse all the time. Make sure you purchase a horse you like, not just a pedigree. Choose what you like and stick to it.

Have a plan, make a goal, and stick with it. Continuously re-evaluate your plans and goals so you can modify and improve. But, never loose site of the bottom line, your love of the Miniature Horse.


Jodie French & Lorane Walsh
Lorane's Lil' Ones

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