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It's time...

After almost 30 years, it is time to hang it up. Age, and the desire to do some traveling while I still am able, were the deciding factors.

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Welcome to Dusty Lane!

Dusty Lane Miniatures got it's start in 1991 in northwest Wisconsin. A former barrel racer, I couldn't be without horses after seriously injuring my knees...and found these little guys. The first foal born at my place was a National Top Ten All Star in jumping numerous times, but that was with my niece running him around the pattern. Those early days were gruelling, and a lot of fun, hitting the show circuit in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Illinois as well as the AMHR Nationals....in addition to commuting 120 miles a day to a job in St. Paul MN.

The yearlings...getting acquainted with Zach & Kady

Hilltops Little Vegas
1981 - 2011
Over the years my program has seen several changes, but one very important constant had been Hilltops Little Vegas, buckskin/dun son of Iowas Little Kernel. He produced several National Top Tens with style and grace, and movement. Along with Vegas, my bloodlines now include Lee Land Unique, Rhapsody's Latin Tango, JC's Jenga, Sundance LB Assured, and other well known lines.

In 2010, I sold all of my miniatures...promptly went slightly nuts, and began searching for THE SECOND EDITION. I just had to have a couple of miniatures in my life! Besides - the greatest friends one could ask for are in the Miniature Horse world!

You can see The Second Edition on my stallion and mare pages.

My livelihood these days is my web design business for miniature horse breeders and other small businesses...better known as Dusty Lane Designs. Visitors are always welcome...and thanks for stopping by to visit me on the web.

Jean Barnhill Rudick
Dusty Lane Miniatures

Amery, Wisconsin
612-210-7187 (cell)
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