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"Distinctive by Design"

- Our Goal -

Quality horses - 'eye appeal', distinctive coat patterns/color - backed by the genetic potential to pass on these traits. Horses with the potential to fulfill our customers' expectations!

Hi! Welcome to Broken M. We hope you will enjoy meeting our horses. We believe in the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words-so photos seem the best way for you to get to know the horses of Broken M.

Most of the horses are our home grown boys and girls, as we have been involved with miniature horses since the late 80's. Our horses are handled daily, hand turned out to pasture during the day and stalled at night.

For their photos the horses were brought in from pasture, groomed, no body clipping as we love the rich, bold colors and shine of their natural hair coats. We prefer a horse of some substance, with powerful hindquarters and a big trot, good feet and legs, graceful neck proportional to a pretty, refined face. But above all else, the horse must have a good natured, kind dispostion, genuinely like people, be curious and intelligent. Such a horse is always a pleasure to be around and beautiful.

Many thanks to our friend and photographer David for the awesome photos that really capture each horse's unique beauty and personality.

Please visit the stallion, gelding, and mare pages to meet all our horses. None are for sale because we want to just enjoy that that are still part of our family....but would love to chat with you about the horses and miniature horses in general.

Photograpy by David Joseph Leingang
Grandsons Henry and Carter with Alvy

Carter and Danny

Broken M Farms
'New Horizon' Miniature Horses
Gerry and Pat Meier
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Visitors always welcome - both here in 'cyberspace', and at the farm!



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